Transient Vibration of Organ Reed Pipe

Thomas Huber , Lucas Seewald

Gustavus Adolphus College

Charles Hendrickson

Hendrickson Organ Company


To make the scan below, the new Polytec PSV-400 scanning laser Doppler vibrometer at Gustavus Adolphus College was used.

Airflow was repeatadly initiated for an organ reed pipe (Oboe at 263 Hz). The velocity of the reed was measured using a Polytec PSV-400 scanning laser Doppler vibrometer. The video shows the velocity profile as the reed begins to oscillate and reaches its steady state. The peak acceleration towards the end of the reed exceeds 40 km/s2, or 4000 g's, when it impacts the shallot and snaps from negative to positive

Below is the corresponding transient displacement of the reed
For details, please download the Powerpoint Presentation from the October 22, 2012 ASA meeting in Kansas City, MO (Note - Large size of about 190 MB).  
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