Error Propagation Calculator for iPhone/iPad and Windows

One of the common tasks in analyzing data sets is to perform error propagation. The program ErrorCalc is designed to de-emphasize the tedious work of error analysis.

ErrorCalc is a scientific calculator for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Windows that is designed for error/uncertainty propagation and analysis of experimental data sets. All values entered into the calculator can include error/uncertainty, which will be propagated during successive calculations. In addition to basic arithmetic functions, trigonometric and exponential/logarithmic functions can be calculated. Both weighted and unweighted means/standard deviations can be calculated for experimental data sets.


ErrorCalc: An iPhone/iPad scientific calculator app for error propagation!
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The Windows version of the program, below, is freely available under the GNU General Public License.

Download and unzip the Windows Executable

Sample Screen

A few notes on operation of this program: