PHY270: Electronics and Instrumentation I

Gustavus Adolphus College
Spring 2009
Professor: Dr. Thomas Huber

PHY270 Course Description

This course begins with a condesed review of AC and DC circuit theory and then develops the principles and applications of analog and digital electronic devices and circuits. Topics include equivalent circuits, diodes, transistors, negative feedback, operational amplifiers, noise and interference, digital logic, and integrated circuit gates. Three lectures weekly. Prerequisites: PHY-240/241 or PHY-171/172. Spring Semester.

PHY271 Course Description

Experiments in AC circuit through "black box" techniques, diode characteristics and applications, voltage regulation, operational amplifier circuits, transistor amplifier, TTL logic gate characteristics and circuits. Emphasis is placed on developing expertise with modern test equipment in the quantitative study of analog and digital circuits. One two-hour laboratory weekly. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in PHY270. Spring semester.