Physlet Illustration: Absorption in the Bohr Model



Ending Level= 
In this simulation, an electron is shown orbiting a proton in the Bohr model for hydrogen in level 2.  Full spectrum light is incident upon the atom.  The user may change the final level of the electron between 3 and 6.  After a short time, a photon of the appropriate wavelength is absorbed and the electron "jumps" to the chosen level.  The absorption spectrum is shown.  How does the wavelength of the absorbed photon depend on the starting and ending orbital levels?


  1. Try different ending levels for the electron.  How does the choice of level affect the absorption spectrum?
  2. How are the wavelengths related to those in the emission case for the same levels?
  3. Why does the spectral line appear black?



See Walker, Sections 31-3

Illustration written by Mario Belloni and Chuck Niederriter